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  • Common Qualities of Successful Party DJs

    In order to be a successful DJ, you need some qualities, and the most important quality of an aspiring DJ is dream. Yes, you need to have dream, because it is the essence of becoming what you want to be. But few people know how to make dreams come true. However, once you know what particular qualities you know, making your dream into reality becomes something doable. In this post, we will focus on 4 common qualities of successful DJs.

    Hard work

    Remember that greatness is not one single thing. In fact, it is a lot of things done well. Once you have visualised your goal, you should start working hard. Hard work can take you very far, because not many people try really hard. Your next logical step should be working hard to produce and get your tracks to a well-known record label. You should also try to get gigs and increase your skills.

    If you promote to over 500 people, you can expect at least 10% of them to show up. You need to be a quality DJ to get quality bookings. You also need to be a good producer and marketer. Try to improve your social skills, get signed to a good label, and remix good artists. If you keep at it, there is no doubt that you will get better in time.   

    Long-term focus

    This is one of the most common qualities of successful DJs. And in order to achieve long-term focus, you must know your utmost goal. With every positive action, you will get closer to your goal. Dedicate yourself completely. Remember, you have always wanted to nail this target. If you have a particular goal, your actions should be towards that particular goal. It is always not possible to take the right steps, but at some point you will figure out what you need to do and hit the goal.

    Once you know your true potential and what you really want, you will no longer want to land on small back-bar gigs. You will be looking to become hired at event and parties and as corporate entertainment. If you take a look at corporate DJs which are available for hire throughout Melbourne such as this company hopefully you will be given some insight as to what is required to become a corporate level DJ and what clients will be expecting of you if they hire you as their parties entertainment. 

    If you are currently working clubs then it's not a good idea to play at a competitors venue as club owners and promoters watch everything. Know about the resident DJ at the club and the type of music he/she plays. See what skills other DJs have. They may have skills such as music production, beat juggling and shameless self-promotion.


    All successful DJs are super persistent. No matter how bad things are, they never give up. Always listen to your gut feelings even if you have been turned down by many promoters and record labels. Do not listen to the doubters who keep saying that you can not do it. You may need to send record labels for years before you get your first record deal. You know this if you are already a professional DJ. May be just 1 out of 10 DJs have this extraordinary quality. To be a persistent DJ, always try to push things further. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone.

    Where do you think people look for their DJ Hire? It's probably online these days. Take a look at a website which offers DJ hire in your area such as these DJs and take a look at how they market towards their customers. Your career won't be built in a day so you will have to start smaller but think of it as something to work towards. Begin by handing out flyers, hire a street team and have your friends and family members in the guest list. Do not feel like a complete failure if nobody shows up. And if you notice that you have lost your focus, rethink your approach and focus further on improving your skills.


    All successful DJs are remarkably humble. Humility is the opposite of arrogance. When you get an opportunity for pursuing a career, you should always be grateful to the people who make things happen for you. When some DJs fail to relate to the audience, they become somewhat arrogant. In fact, it comes from shyness or lack of social skills. Try to be humble and you will find that your audience likes what you are doing. You will naturally be thankful when you are confident you know that you are doing something worthwhile. Meet your fans, collect their contact details and talk to them. The more you relate to your audience the more joy you will find in your work.

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